4 Awesome Uses for the Tasman Refreshing Spray This Summer

Stay Fresh in the Office

We all know the pressure of trying to look professional and sharp while navigating the hot concrete jungle of the summer city life. Tasman’s refreshing spray is a product that will make your everyday adventures a little bit easier.

With hints of menthol, and coupled with pleasing scents, Tasman’s refreshing spray helps cool you down and stay fresh during those stuffy and hot days at the office. We would recommend pairing our sprays with your favourite deodorant for staying fresh for the longest possible time. You’ll love it, and your colleagues will love it.

Our advice is to use our mild-scented refreshing spray, Bamboo Forrest.
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Pre Body Lotion Moisture Boost

One of Tasman Refreshing Spray’s ingredients is hyaluronic acid which acts as a humectant (a moisturising agent). As a result, our sprays are an excellent product for improving moisturiser and body lotion performance. This means that you will get the most out of your other skincare products s by helping them stay on your skin longer while preventing moisture loss.

Reduce Redness

Another crucial ingredient in our cosmetics sprays is menthol. The hints of menthol in the Tasman products can help reduce blotchy redness on your body. 

Post-Beach Skin Boost

Days at the beach are some of the best parts of summer, but that feeling of dry, salty skin isn’t. Spray the Tasman Sea Breeze refreshing spray on your body while at the beach for a refreshing feeling. Or spray it after the beach and body lotion application to lock in the moisture. 

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