5 Essential Summer Skin Care Tips for Summer 2020-2021

During the summer, our skin needs a special regimen. We sweat more, which makes the skin more oily, which then increases the risk of blemishes. Additionally, the saltwater in the ocean and air conditioning dry out our skin significantly. So, if you’d like your skin to be healthy and glowing, without any risk for long-term skin damage, follow these very simple Five Essential Summer Skin Care Tips.

Reduce Exposure to UV light

The absolute most important thing when getting out and about this summer is to protect your skin. Ultraviolet A (UVA) light is directly associated with skin aging. In contrast, Ultraviolet B (UVB) is directly associated with skin burning. Both wavelengths of light do vast amounts of damage to the DNA in your skin cells. This can lead over time to sunburn leathery skin and liver spots (black dots all over the surface of your skin). Furthermore, long-term exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays dramatically increases the risk of skin cancer which can be potentially life-threatening. The Cancer Council Australia has shared the sad statistics that almost 1,400 people have died from skin cancer, or melanoma, in 2020.

Apply Your Sunscreen

The only right way to limit your UV light exposure is to try and reduce the amount of time in direct sunlight. However, if you still choose to go to the beach - and we won’t judge you for that! - the second-best thing would be to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential, and the higher the SPF, the better. Don’t forget, sunscreen doesn’t make the threat of UV disappear, but it does reduce its damaging impact.

Use Tasman’s Refreshing Spray

An excellent refreshing spray, such as Tasman’s refreshing spray, is an absolute must for the summer. The menthol in it will keep you cool and will help with skin redness. At the same time, the hyaluronic acid will lock in the moisture in your skin. It will also prevent transepidermal water loss, making it a fantastic moisturising product to help fight the dry summer. Just choose your favourite scent and spray it on your body while you are at or after visiting the beach. 

The Tasman Refreshing Spray Family

Moisturise Your Skin Religiously

Your skin dries out rapidly during the hot summer months. That’s why we can’t stress enough the importance of a good moisturiser. A good moisturiser will help prevent unwanted breakouts from dry skin while locking in the moisture to prevent transepidermal water loss. A bonus tip: get a moisturiser that has SPF - your skin is exposed to harmful light rays not only when you are at the beach, but also when you are walking in the street or even driving!

Drink Plenty of Water

Yes, we all know we should do that but have you tracked your actual water consumption? You would be surprised to see how many days you are not ticking off the recommended 2l a day. To make sure you are drinking enough of the good stuff, you could download a habit tracking app that will keep reminding you. Or simply get a water bottle with a comfortable handle and make sure you finish it once or twice a day (depending on its size).

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