The Story Behind Tasmasn Cosmetics

The skincare industry fascinates most, including me. As beautiful as it can be, however, it can also be very harmful.

Up until recently, the cosmetics space was dominated by large companies who would pump out mass quantities of products with little to no thought on their impact on consumers in addition to the environment. We were tired of seeing the vast amount of nasty stuff that we were all putting on our bodies as-well-as dumping into nature. 

We saw, however, many smaller and amazing companies emerging.

They all wanted to focus on providing great skincare products with transparent formulas and high-quality ingredients. But there was one problem that bothered us. People were kind to their skin but not kind to the world around us. We were giving our skin what it wanted, but we were stripping away what the world needed and still needs today. 

We wanted to create something different.

We still want to provide our customers with fantastic skincare products. However, we wanted to make sure we are building a better world around us in the process.

So, the idea of Tasman Cosmetics was born. 

We partner with fantastic charities, such as One Tree Planted, an organisation which will plant a tree for every product we sell. It’s our way of making a long-term commitment to the replenishment of the world’s rich ecosystem while still providing people with amazing products.

The Tasman name. 

It comes from the name of the sea off the east coast of Australia. It ranges from more temperate north by the coral sea down to Arctic ocean.

The Tasman sea is continually moving and changing as currents and tides ebb and flow. It is one big ecosystem, rich with diversity, where no one thing takes and does not give. That is the key to the Tasman vision! We want to embody that idea by providing customers with incredible products while still giving back to nature. That’s our way finishing cycle - never take more than you give.

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